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Proposed Website Changes

Bruce_C posts: 180 United Kingdom

I'd like to thank Len for the time and effort he spent creating (and funding) the site (and the meetup group which came before it)
I think the time has come to replace the group's existing website with something simple and more in line with how folk use the internet these days and I'm volunteering myself to set something up.
The forums on our site (and others) used to be a hive of activity, however for most people social media has slowly taken over as a tool for discussion and the planning of games and events.
I would suggest all we need now is a simple website linking any resources which might be useful to folk playing Tabletop or Live Action RPGs in the East Midlands area.
I think we should include our existing Facebook, Twitter and Google+ presences as well as any other local groups or businesses relating to the hobby.
I don't see any need to have any kind of user registration or complicated event/calendar functionality, though I might be open to including the latter if enough people felt it would be useful.
I'm interested to hear what folk think so feel free to share and discuss this post.

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