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New player still lfg

Jongofett posts: 6

Hey all so after a very small encounter with some random folks at a gaming store near me i am still looking for people in the nottingham area to play and experience the 5th ed of d&d. I have around 5-6 hours of 4th ed under my belt and the experience i had with the group playing 4th was ok but i had to stop quite suddenly but im ready to come back now. I didnt want to try and jump back in and catch up with the old group ( that i didnt know well ) so figured i would make a post to see if anyone was thinking about at least trying 5th or maybe some experienced members thinking of trying or starting a new campaign with a noob like me ?? I live in the long eaton area and have transport to local places in and around nottingham/derby so if anyone might have a place for me please let me know as i want to get some major d&d in this year.

hope to slay with some of you guys soon

look forward to hearing from anyone


Bruce_C posts: 180 United Kingdom

I can't offer new fangled 5E (though I hear good things about it) but I might be able to squeeze another space at the table for my old school D&D game in Shepshed, just one junction down the M1 from you.

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