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(A sort of Story So Far...)

Geographical Overview

Armagada is a continent that stretches from the frozen cold lands of the northern icecap to the cold southern ocean. A
high range of mountains divides the continent in two all the way from the Frozen North almost to the sea in the south, leaving but a small area at the southern tip free of mountains. Between the Northern wastes and the southern straits, on either side of the central range, there is a whole world of geography. Temperate, sub-tropical, and tropical, steppe. savannah, forest, desert and jungle.

In winter, the southern tip of the continent is covered in ice, and the narrow treacherous ocean strait cannot be crossed at all. In summer, these narrow dangerous icy straights are travelled by only the bravest, or most foolish of sailors. Great sea-beasts lie in wait for any who founder or show the slightest weakness. Fierce unpredictable currents rage between the two oceans. Icebergs travelling at amazing speeds on these currents can splinter a ship to matchwood in seconds.

The sea route between East and West is therefore undeveloped. Having learned from bitter experience that the southern passage is too dangerous to bring profit, and that there is no northern passage, sailors have practically given up trying to ply this route. What little trade might have passed through the sea-straits now travels over the ice during winter. The dangers of traversing ever-changing sea-ice with its cracks and chasms, the various marauding ice-beasts, and the terrible cold of winter is far less dangerous than risking the seas in the summer.

In the frozen North, the Spina Armagada range reaches as far north as the permafrost. None but the most stupid of adventurers would choose to die attempting to cross north of the snow line. No one is known to have successfully crossed from East-to-West or West-to-East North of the snow line.

Armagada is divided in two by the Spina Armagada Mountains. In the whole length of this range there are only two low-level passes that are navigable all year round. Many high-level passes exist, but are always very dangerous because they are open and snow-free only during the summer, trolls and other mountain monsters prey on those who cross their territory.

Cultural Overview

Little trade takes place over these high-level passes. Occasionally mountain dwarves will trade with each other in this manner, but the effort of carrying goods over the high mountains makes for poor economics.

The northern low-level pass lies in an area fought over by opposing families of dragons. This pass has not been used for more years than a human could know. The pass itself is deserted despite it's once well developed state.

The southern low-level pass is called La Ruta Verde, the green way. The people who live to the west of the pass now control it, a mercantile civilisation called Ruta Verde. Long ago trade with the East was greater, but disaster struck the Eastern peoples and trade across the pass slowed to a sparse trickle.

The peoples of the west continued to thrive, insulated from the devastation by the very mountains that the pass crossed. Memory of the once thriving Eastern Civilisation dwindles, and the power of the West rises. Those traders crossing the pass find a poor but proud human society to the east; A people ripe for development and exploitation by the thriving West. All memory of there ever having been a disaster in the East seems lost. However, records kept by a society called The Librarians may offer a clue.

On the west coast lies the city of Puerto Verde. A port, trading with those able to cross the vast ocean from the continent that lies still further west, and also with other smaller civilisations to the north and south.

The Game

We start our story here, in the offices of Belogard Urnstwil. A Human, Governor of the cosmopolitan city of Puerto Verde, and the man to whom the Cuerno Verdes are about to become indentured. It is he who gives them their quest. It is to him they must return once their quest is fulfilled, for he alone can seal their Cuernos and release them from his

Belogard Urnstwil offers a quest.
You will be given a letter of authority from him. You must travel to the east coast; there you should find some proof that you have been there. He suggests that you use your heads as to what will prove you didn't cheat.

Then make your way north to the land of Niege. In Niege you are to seek and gain audience with Her Majesty the Queen of Niege. You are to negotiate a treaty between Niege and La Ruta Verde. This probably will involve her or whoever leads her government.

The terms of this treaty should include but may not be limited to:

  • Free access to the port of Niege for all ships of La Ruta Verde.

In return for this you are to offer a reciprocal arrangement for the ships of Niege to Puerto Verde.

  • Trade should be free of tariff between Niege and La Ruta Verde, and also vice versa.

The purpose of this is to encourage friendship, trade, and communication between the two countries.

  • An exchange of ambassadors between the two countries with guaranteed safety for the ambassadors and staff of both the embassies.

He explains that your green disks will be branded with his mark on one side. Only once the same mark is branded on the
reverse will the Cuerno Verde be concluded. He will brand the reverse for you on your return with the signed treaty and your proof that you reached the west coast before you headed north to Niege. <BR>He advises you to get a brand from Merryweather Stout in Cuidad Verde just as soon as you can. That way you will know him and will also have gained a valuable brand.

His voice turns suddenly very bitter and angry.
"Then, when you have the treaty signed, you can call back into Cuidad Verde on your way through and bring me that Thieving, Halfling, Bastard's head, along with my wife and my children, who he holds hostage."

His voice calms a little.
"Do this thing for me, and upon your return you will have more than the rewards you might otherwise enjoy. Bring me his head, and you will have earned a place of your own.

Now, get your snivelling Cuerno Verde arses out of my office and don't come back unless you have the treaty signed, sealed and delivered to my hand."

He hands you each one of the green discs and one of you a letter of authority stating who you are and that you are authorised to negotiate with the appropriate authority of the land of Niege on behalf of Belogard Urnstwil, Governor of Puerto Verde, and on behalf of the government of La Ruta Verde whom he represents.

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